What is a Thriving First Mastermind?  It is NOT group coaching!  Here is the definition of Masterminding for our sisterhood.


Our Mastermind group is composed of women who are committed to their own transformation and growth and want to support other women in a collaborative, confidential and powerful setting.  Thriving First "MASTHERMINDING" is by invitation only.   Out next two Masterminds are forming now!  One will be locally in SW Colorado.  The other will be with online facilitation using Zoom to connect, so you can live anywhere and join in.  

Explore if this is right for you by calling or texting Sondra at 970-749-6120, or Facebook Messenger her.




1. ACCOUNTABILITY:  Say what you will do and do what you say in the presence of women who will hold you accountable!


2. VISION:   Expand your vision of yourself and others, see greater opportunities and take bigger leaps!


3. MINDSET:  Experience huge shifts in how you think by expanding all that you can be, and seeing yourself through the loving eyes of others.


4. SAFETY:  Enjoy being in a vessel where there is agreement from all to give from their highest self, to not gossip,to hold each woman in utmost perfection, and be willing to speak out if sensing an out of alignment energy that could provide transformation to a Mastermind participant for her highest good.


5. COLLABORATION:  Collaboration vs competition is the new way of doing life and  women excel at it!


6. COMMUNITY: Most women solopreneurs work alone from home.  The MM is a way to have an instant community of colleagues forming a board of advisors that you can count on to have your back!


7. EDUCATION: Each Glow Rich Masthermind session starts with state of the art information that is new, useful and powerful for growing yourself personally and professionally.


8. CROSS PROMOTION: How wonderful to have other women promoting you to their tribe of influence!


9. BUSINESS ACCELERATION:  Masterminding has been heralded as the newest, fastest way to grow your self personally and professionally by Forbes magazine, and Jay Fiset, my mentor from Mastermind to Millions.  High-level entrepreneurs have added a mastermind component to their programs such as Jeff Walker, Lisa Sasovich, Kendall Summerhawk, Jay Fiset, and many others.


The mastermind principle was first popularized by Napoleon Hill, author of: “Think and Grow Rich" a best selling book since it was first published over 50 years ago, and because of the time in which it was written,  it is quite "male-oriented."  Now, women all over the world are experiencing Women Who Think, Feel and Glow Rich, a beautifully successful orientation to being "RICH" on all levels of being, utilizing principles from Hill yet transforming them to current, powerful content to assist women today.  Sondra is currently working on her book, Think and Glow Rich, to be published soon.


Napoleon Hill’s definition of a Mastermind group:

“The coordination of knowledge and effort of two or more people, who work toward a definite purpose, in the spirit of harmony."  In "MASTHERMINDING", we acknowledge there is a third force at work, spirit, God, Goddess, Universal Intelligence, that is activated to bring about all your desires through agreement, declaration and 100% support.  Watch both your spirit and your bank account grow!



Masterminding with the Masters!  

Jeff Walker, Product Launch Formula

Dr. Ellie Drake, Brave Heart Women 

Jay Fiset, Mastermind to Millions 

Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper

Lee Richter Award winning Entrepreneur and business innovator

Dr. Goodsparks Sondra Joyce

 Leonie Dawson, Shining Academy

And many other women entrepreneurs our masterminding their way to success!

Durango, CO 
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