• Dr. Sondra Joyce

What Super Powers Do You Possess?

Updated: May 23, 2019

At a recent gathering, we discussed what "super powers" we came on earth to express. It was an amazing experience to hear and validate all of the present talent. It was fun, too, imagining our super-power capes that invigorated powers such as deep listening, radiant expression, seeking and expressing truth, love for children, animals, astrology, etc.

In the process, what did I find? A deep dive into the idea that we are all heroic figures of mythic proportions blessed with the magical powers of transformation. We came on planet Earth as goddesses with such stature and presence. I say to myself and to you that you are more gorgeous, glowing, magical and rich in all ways than you think you are.

Imagine coming from the very heart or center of the creative powers of the universe, and being that now! The heroine in each of us longs for expression. Join other women seeking to peel off the layers and BE everything you were meant to be!

Durango, CO 
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