• Dr. Sondra Joyce

5 Ways to Lead a Tranquil Life

Updated: May 23, 2019

Make It Your Intention to Live a Stress-Free and Tranquil Life -- To Be Joyous, Blissful and Happy!

1. Your natural state is JOY! It is not to experience anxiety or negative feelings. Choose to be with others that are alive and happy! Affirm that you come from a place of harmony and acceptance and are here to fulfill your wildest dreams. The world wants you to be happy, free and joyful, so choose it! 2. Stress is caused by your thoughts and your reaction instead of your response to what is occurring in your world. There will always be events and triggers to try and take you down. Don't let this happen to you! You are far too precious to be controlled by your mind. 3. You have the power to change what your mind perceives as stressful, and therefore eliminate the anxiety. You don't need drugs or alcohol to mask your feelings. Feel the feelings and make a conscious decision to change your thinking. Try on different thoughts until you find one that makes you feel better and more in control of your experience. 4. Take time to be in silence, mediation, and nature. Find a few moments every day to be quiet and feel at peace. Reduce your stress by simply looking at the moon and the stars, or sitting beneath a big oak tree and feeling the strength it gives you. Take time every day for moments of quietness by slowing your breathing and feeling how connected you are to such a vast earth. 5. Be grateful and in a state of grace and awe. Write 5 gratitudes a day, sing them, dance, yell, pound your chest with the blessings that you have as there is so much to be thankful for!

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